2014 I'm coming to get ya!

Going out of the country on Thursday

I am so looking forward to getting completely away from my exams for a couple of days.

I’m driving down to Berlin (around a 6-hour drive from where I live in Denmark) with my two sisters and my mom, and staying there for 3 days :-)

Because of a written exam my sister has on the same day, we’re not taking off until 4pm, but my mom is coming to the city at around 10am - so me, her and my other sister are going to go work out together :-P It’ll be fun - I’ve never worked out with my mom before. And I am looking forward to seeing if I’ll impress her with my mad skills :-P

(And don’t worry - I’ve got stuff queued up for you, so you won’t even notice that I’m gone ;-) )